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Try this instead of naan bread, for
that little something different!

Moghlai Roti
    350g plain flour
    125ml lukewarm milk
    1 tsp fresh yeast
    1 tsp aniseed powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    melted butter for cooking

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Add the milk to the yeast and set aside for 20 minutes.
2. Sieve the flour and salt in a bowl and add the aniseed powder.  Make a well
  in the centre and add the yeast mixture.
3. Using a fork, start to bind the dough.  If the dough is a little dry then add a bit
  of warm water.  Next, flour your hands and knead the dough for 5 minutes
  until it is nice and smooth.  Place the dough back into the bowl, cover with a
  damp cloth and set aside for 1 hour.
4. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead for 2 minutes. 
  Divide the dough into equal golf ball sized pieces.
5. Roll each one into roughly 5" discs, set them aside for 10 minutes.
6. Heat a griddle or frying pan on a medium heat, drizzle with some melted
  butter, place one roti on the pan and cook for 1 minute.  Press down gently
  and flip over, drizzle a little more butter around the edges of the roti and cook
  for 2-3 minutes.  Turn over one final time and press down and cook for 1
  minute.  Both sides should be golden brown in colour.  Place roti on a plate
  with kitchen paper on it.
 7. Repeat with the remaining rolled-out rotis.