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Chilli Squid
  Served with a green salad, this is a great low-fatdish that will leave you wanting more!
Coriander Fish
  This is a great dish when having a barbeque, alsogreat as an alternative to a burger in a bun. Replace the burger with half a fillet of fish. Yum yum!!!!
Crab Masala
  Crab like you've never tasted, a finger licking good curry,and yes you will get your hands messy eating this tasty dish!
Fish Kalia
  Fish lovers everywhere will adore this curry, so flavourful you'll definitely want seconds!
Green Mango Prawns
Rohu Curry
  Rohu is a freshwater fish with a unique flavour and truly delicious when cooked this way.As rohu is not available in the UK, I've used monkfish and it tastes amazing!