An Indian deep-fried Bread that is light to eat.
A great alternative to naan!

  100g Whole wheat flour 
  200g Plain flour 
  1 tsp Salt 
  2 tsp Vegetable oil 
  Warm water 
  Oil for deep frying 
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Place flours, salt and oil in a bowl; rub all together to incorporate the oil.
Slowly pour in a little water at a time and using your fingers bind the flour into soft dough ball.
Place the dough ball on to a clean work surface and knead it for 8-10 minutes or until it is smooth and elastic.
Rub the dough ball with1/4 teaspoon oil, cover with a damp cloth and set it aside for 15-20 minutes.
Smear a little oil on the palm of your hand and make walnut sized balls
out of the dough, (about 30-32 balls). Keep the balls covered with damp cloth.
Heat the oil for frying over a high heat until very hot, to test the temperature,
drop a small piece of dough in the hot oil, it should rise to the surface
within few seconds.
Place one dough ball on a floured surface, flatten it and roll it out into a round,
5-5 1/2" in diameter. (If you have enough space, roll out all the pooris,
keep them in a single layer and cover with cling film.)
Lift one poori and gently lower it into the oil.
It might sink to the bottom but it should rise to the surface with in few seconds and begin to sizzle.
With the back of a slotted spoon, gently press the poori down into the hot oil,
this will distribute the air evenly and within few seconds, the poori will puff up. Turn it over and cook the other side.
Gently press down the poori for even cooking
Cook for few more seconds, remove it with a slotted spoon and
put it on absorbent kitchen towels to absorb excess oil.
Repeat with remaining dough balls.
Pooris taste great hot or cold.