I was born in Uganda, which is in East Africa.
Little Reshma
My grandparents emigrated there in 1900s.
We were forced to flee our home in 1972 from the brutal regime of Idi Amin.
We came to Great Britain as refugees and our first home was the Greenham Common army base in Berkshire.
A few months later we were re-housed in a small Welsh village called Maes-y-cwmmer.

My mother often reminds that it was very cold for us in the early days and at bedtime I used to ask,
"Mummy do they put ice cubes in the bed".
I spent 20 years in Wales and have wonderful memories of when I was growing up.
The people from the village made us feel welcome from our very first day.
They taught my Mum how to light a coal fire,
how to count out money and read and write English.
It was in these early years that my Mum had to be creative at meal times.
At that time my Mum, siblings and myself were all vegetarian,
and as you can imagine we could not buy any of our traditional ingredients.
My Mum served wonderful food made from local produce and
what could be bought in the village shop.
As you can see from the pictures we did not go hungry! 
And throughout her life so far my Mum has remind a vegetarian.
It is mainly the time I spent in Wales that gives me inspiration
for creating new dishes that combine British and Indian cuisine.

  In the mid 90's I moved to London, with work.
We had a traditional Scottish Wedding
at Culzean Castle on April 24th
  It was this time on my own away from home that
  my cooking skills improved in leaps and bounds.
  It was here in London on October the 11th 1997
  that I met a tall good-looking Scotsman named
  Steven Martin. I offered to buy him a drink and
  as a true Scot he accepted.
We were married in 1999, twice!
and we had a traditional Indian Wedding in London on May 2nd.
We live in Harrow, Middlesex, but our ambition is to move to the highlands of Scotland.
I would like to open my own cookery school and farm organically. Steven would like to be a kept man.
So in a nutshell, I was born in Africa, brought up in Wales, I'm married to a Scotsman and we live in England. Not bad going so far, we'll keep you posted for future developments!
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